Imaging Scans – Mesothelioma Diagnosis

From the Previous Post I notify you about Diagnosis Methods of Mesothelioma Cancer. Today I’ll give you the information about Imaging Scans Diagnostic Method used for mesothelioma Cancer.

When we refer to the word ‘Scan’ you will exactly get to know the Scans we can undergo. In discovering the Mesothelioma we must undergo following Scans.

  • CT Scan
  • MRI Scan
  • PET Scan 
  • X-Ray

              Undergoing these various types of Scans to Diagnose Mesothelioma Cancer is not a waste as every type of Scan reveal various sides of the disease and the Information gathered from Every Scan is very effective. As an example if you X-ray your upper part of the body which means the chest area, Doctor is able to observe your lungs and how the Mesothelioma had effected on there.  

CT Scan is capable of scanning your whole body and capture a position in different angles.  When regarding Mesothelioma Cancer Diagnostic Process CT Scanning is very useful. MRI Scanners Scans you whole brain and give exact,effective and reliable information about how your brain is effected from the Cancer or Not. Each Scan type is unique and we will just take a look at those Scans and how they work on Mesothelioma Cancer Diagnostic Process. 

CT Scan

                    CT refers to Computer Tomography Scan and it is more widely used to discover Cancers and Hidden Injuries in Body. Mostly Tumors are discovered either from MRI Scan or CT Scan. Doctors will directly turn to CT Scan if the patient has suspected Mesothelioma Symptoms. As CT Scan gives a whole detailed note inside your Body condition.

MRI Scan

                  Magnetic Resonance Image is the long term of MRI. MRI Scan is a no risk Scan and provides mostly a reliable information about your Brain stats. MRI Scanner uses Magnetic fields and radio frequency pulses to detect your body changes and inner stats. The data gained from Magnetic fields and radio frequency pulses are transmitted to a Computer to get a detailed Information.

PET Scan

               Positron Emission Tomography is referred to PET Scan. PET Scan technology is a Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Technique. Nuclear Medicine does is exposing body to a little amount of radio active material into the Body. PET Scanning is very effective when determine whether the Mesothelioma is spread to the other points of body from its origin place.


               X-Ray is the commonly used method to examine the inner body. Everyone has a basic knowledge about X-Ray and it is much profitable when comparing to other methods. When looking in to Malignant Mesothelioma it is same in there also.  As the first diagnosis is start from a Chest X-Ray to determine whether there is Mesothelioma or Not.
Above was simple descriptions about every type of Scan and in future Articles I will look forward to talk about each method separately. You can always be a loyal reader of ours by Subscribing to our Site.

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